♡ And Bows
irgendwannschon: hey there, is your shop still active? i'm kind of scared buying your bows because of the facebook comments about it. i really want one : ( 

Hi hun. Okay SO— For about 3 months I was inactive and tried to keep my shop off the radar so I didn’t get more orders because I was going through a lot in my life and there was a lot of changes happening, however, I’m back now and all my past orders (including all of the people who commented about late orders on Facebook) have been sent out and I’m now open at my new shop andbows.com. I don’t have ALL of my bows or all of my merchandise up just yet as I reopened about 3 days ago but I do have some new styles up and if you want to order, I’m back and I’m fulfilling orders as I get them etc. (: so yea. Thanks for stopping by!

In love with my new bow.

inlandbodiesofwater: Is your shop closed? I wanted to buy some bows but the page says its under maintenance. 

Nope! I moved sites! Click here for the new store

sincerely-vegas: Hi! So I've all the submission pictures of your bows and they're so cute! Where exactly do I go to see all of what you have and buy some? :] 

right here, darling!

Just ordered 3 new custom fabrics and more Padme/Anakin fabric! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~